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Brand Management

Our team are very successful in creating relationships between a merchant’s product and the intended consumer to generate segregation between competitive brands.

We consistently deliver the right products at the right times to drive retail sales and add value to the customer experience. To build loyalty among customers.

Digital Marketing

Our brands have an audience that is highly engaged with social media and the internet in general.

We target specific demographic groups with a mix of social media exposure, adverting campaigns. And very soon we will be introducing live marketing feeds.

Comparison Shopping

Consumers are turning to digital devices to compare brands and prices online even when visiting physical shops.

For switched on merchants this isn’t a problem. By engaging with this growing comparison audience credible brands are not only building brand loyalty, increased exposure and gaining business from these price-sensitive customers.

Demographic Targeting

Our stable of brands are designed to have highly focussed demographics in various B2C or B2B vertical markets.

Campaigns are designed to engage with this very active targets to ultimately maximise the revenue for the merchants we are representing.

Our Brands


Peoples Phone

Former high street brand relaunched as an online comparison website offering the largest selection of phone, sim & broadband deals in the UK.


Peoples CBD

Premium CBD Oil Brand featuring top selling products for Health & Wellbeing and Sports & Fitness.



Bodyslam Pro

Range of sports CBD based products designed to provide rapid workout recovery for the sports professional.



Skull Bomb

Outstanding range of Terpene infused CBD e-liquid products for the modern vaper.



Peoples Phone USA

Launching stateside in the near future. Details will be announced soon




Online store featuring the best quality CBD products at unbelievable prices from the top brands.




We are constantly looking for new Merchants to partner with across our brand portfolio.

Our brands reach a wide demographic including Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) across a number of market verticals.

If you have exciting (& profitable!) products, services or deals you think we should be featuring on our websites please get in touch so we can discuss it further!

..... Oh and we love freebies* too!!!

*Do not send samples to our office or registered office address. We'll give you our fufilment centre address on request.

Contact Us

    Registered Office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ
    0333 300 1427